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Combination Villa/Yacht Package

A thoroughly modern, cosy cottage. Nestled comfortably among the trees on a very private 3-acre island estate.  Open design.  Spacious and breeeeezy.  Privacy found.

From the wide front deck facing the sea to the well equipped kitchen. 
The owner's
Attention to the Details will be appreciated.
For example.... The wiring for the speakers was placed into the walls and the sound flows with you throughout this well designed hideaway ~ so bring your favourite CDs.

WINDOWS.... everywhere in every direction letting in those refreshing Trade wind Breeeeeezes.... our NATURAL air-conditioning.

What’s Tamarind Cottage like?
Most Caribbean properties are referred to as “villas.” We’ve avoided that pompous terminology, opting instead for the more appropriate “cottage.” While just 480 square feet, Tamarind Cottage was carefully designed by us for our own comfort ... so it feels much larger than it is with a separate bedroom, separate living/kitchen area, bathroom and generous patios (where you’ll spend most of your time sipping rum, watching the ships and sunsets). An unexpected feature is the lattice-walled outdoor shower. At treetop level, it’s totally private yet totally al fresco.
How does one get around?
Carriacou is small. Most everything is in walking or hiking distance. Nonetheless, shopping in town or exploring the island are, obviously, easier with a car. If you choose, you can rent one from Barba (he has no other name) or Martin Bullen. Otherwise::
1) Walk to the nearest "bus" stop (actually minivans) and, for EC$2, ride into town. Prices are regulated and published.
2) The other option, going into town (or anywhere), is to call a taxi. For trips back to the cottage from town, any bus at the jetty will turn into a taxi at the drop of a hat.
Daily Living in the Tropics
WATER: Even though Carriacou is in the tropics, water is a precious commodity. All of our water is collected from rainwater and stored under the cottage in a cistern. Which means it can run out. In the house you'll find some water saving tips.
CLEANLINESS:  Drop food in the tropics and, within minutes, you'll have armies of insects swarming all over it. Don’t believe it? Try it. Which means cleanliness is a must. (So it’s really a bad idea to eat in bed!) 
HOUSE PETS:  The cottage has several gecko’s. They eat bugs, so don't try to get them out of the house or spray them with any poisons. Favourite hang outs are near lights (where moths are) and behind picture frames.
POWER OUTAGES:  It’s not unusual to lose electricity for no apparent reason or, on occasion, for it to be out for hours. The house has candles but it's a good idea to have a flashlight and batteries.

Housekeeping Services:
Price includes weekly maid service. Your maid will make the bed, launder bed linen and towels, clean the bathroom, mop the floors, wash dishes, take out the garbage, etc.
What to bring:
Sunscreen -- a must!
Binoculars -- to take in all the view
A flashlight
Where on Carriacou is it?
Living in New York City, we were desperate for privacy and quiet. So rather than build a big house on a tiny lot (like most people do), we decided on the opposite. As a result, in a world where land's sold by the square foot, Tamarind sits in the middle of 2.25 hillside acres (98,000 square feet) at the end of a half mile cactus-planted approach.
Why did you build in the hills?
Our requirements also included "million dollar" views and cooling breezes. A decade of research and renting taught us these could only be found higher up. It also taught us that beachfront property is hot, muggy and buggy; requiring screening to keep out mosquitoes, sand flies and gnats and continuous spraying of insect repellent. At 330 ft ASL, our views and breezes are both magnificent (see picture for the former, for the latter you’ll just have to trust us), and the nearest beach is just 5 minutes away. 
Who ya gonna call?
We've provided the cottage with a detailed guide to the cottage and island with phone numbers, etc. We also know stuff happens. Should any happen while you're at the cottage, contact our rental agent JOHN at the office on Main Street, Hillsborough. Please keep in mind that you're in the Caribbean. Things move a bit more slowly there. So pour a rum and relax. Help will be on the way.
Fast Facts:
Five burner stove top
Warm water!
220V Electric
The cottage sleeps two (queen size bed). In addition to natural trade breezes, cottage has fans in bedroom and living room. Sinks and shower have warm water. In the kitchen, there is a high-end five burner gas cooktop, refrigerator and tableware for four. Towels and linen are provided. Phone.

OUR RATES 2002/2003
US$1295 per week (Maximum 2 persons, no children/smokers/pets)

One week minimum stay unless with our villa/yacht combo package. A 15% surcharge applies for stays over Christmas, New Year's, and during the two months of February and August.
A rental vehicle (4WD Suzuki Vitara or similar) is included in the price of the cottage.
Price also includes weekly housekeeping. More frequent maid service can be arranged at extra charge.

To contact our exclusive rental agent, 
call John Ingram on Carriacou at 1-473-443-8207 
or e-mail John at: tamarindcottage@grenadines.net



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