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The most convenient snorkelling is found in the area just south of Grand Anse beach. This said, however, visitors should know that the real centre of dive activity is around Grenada's sister island, Carriacou. Although largely undeveloped, Carriacou is accessible by boat and plane, offers a number of accommodations, and is encircled by marvellous, pristine reefs.

Boss Reef Depth 25’ to 65’

Grenada’s largest reef at five miles long running from the entrance to St. George’s harbour parallel to Grand Anse beach past Point Salines. The top of the reef is a wide shallow plateau with gently sloping sides, descending to 75’ on the seaward side and 55’ on the shoreward side. The gentle slope is fringed all the way to the sandy bottom with spectacular plate coral formations. The best fish life tends to be seen at around 40’ to 50’, with large schools of  Brown Chromis and Wrasse. Barracuda, either in small schools or larger individuals can be seen along with good sized Yellow Fin Tuna.
Due to it’s size this reef is often sub divided into three differing drift dives and is also an excellent 
D.P.V. dive.

The Buccaneer Depth 70’ to 85’

A small 42’ schooner lying on a sandy seabed just off Molinaire Reef. This dive is usually combined with either a dive at Molinaire or a D. P.V. dive from Grand Mal. The wreck itself offers great photo / video opportunities as the hull is covered in white soft corals with an uncanny resemblance to Heather.
The two large resident Angelfish are also often seen posing for passing photo opportunities.

Deep Blue  Depth 30’ to 110’+

A stunning wall dive starting at 30’ and dropping of well beyond dive limits. This dramatic wall is so called because as you dive along it’s full length to the other side is open sea with the bluest water imaginable, keeping an eye on this vast expanse of water is highly recommended as Turtles, Sharks and other large fish are often spotted swimming by. If that wasn’t enough this dive also features a swim through cavern in which divers can surface!

Diamond Rock (wall) Depth 35’ to 95’

A short but extremely pretty vertical coral wall. The dive starts at one end of the wall ending up at the other by way of a large crevice running top to bottom half way along the wall. Diving this crevice surrounded on three sides by coral really is a stunning experience. Marine life includes frequent sightings of the two regular puffer fish, which are guaranteed to amaze with their size.

Dragon Bay Max. Depth 75’

An easy dive for all levels of experience, featuring deep sand channels cutting into volcanic rock with stunning black corals at around 40’ – 50’. This dive leads into Molinaire Bay and at the intersection of both bays / reefs there are usually huge  schools of fish, which are a great attraction with all divers as diving in the midst of these schools of fish is an unforgettable experience

Flamingo Bay Depth 20’ – 70’

A shallow reef bordering a wall descending to a maximum depth of 90’. One of South Grenada’s most beautiful dives. The shallow reef is renowned for it’s pillar coral formations and black sea horses, with Jacks, Chromis and Grunts in abundance. The wall can also be dived as a gentle drift dive leading in to Happy Hill / Dragon Bay.

Frigate Rock Depth 40’ to 90’

Another dive with stunning coral reef features, due to water clarity colours are much more evident than usual even at depth. Marine life to look out for includes large Barracuda with several up to six’ long being seen regularly.

Grand Mal Max. Depth 90’M

A wall dive with a maximum depth of 90’ usually dived to 75. This reef tends to be dived heading North to Molinaire bay. There are stunning coral stacks rising from the sandy bottom all along the reef wall, which make this and excellent fun D.P.V. dive, usually incorporating the Wreck of the Buccaneer.

Bianca "C"


The west coast of the island is edged by one long offshore reef, and the reef itself is marked by the 600-foot wreck of the Bianca C, a cruise liner that went down here in 1961.
Dive Carriacou

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