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CAPITAL: Hillsborough.
AIRPORT: Lauriston, a small airport but getting larger.
LANGUAGE: English.
CURRENCY: Eastern Caribbean Dollar( $1 = EC$2.68). Credit cards are widely accepted.
VISAS: Visas are not usually necessary for British passport holders.
VACCINATIONS: No compulsory vaccinations, however, Hepatitis A, Polio and Typhoid are recommended.  
Please consult your G.P. before travelling.
TIME ZONE: GMT - 4 hours.

About 8 by 3 miles, covering 78 sq km, but Carriacou with its many sandy bays, indented coastline and wooded hills (the highest point rises to 956 ft) to explore, has the feeling of a larger island. The population is around 8000.

Language: English, though some local patois derived from French and African languages may be heard.

Currency: The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$) is the official currency. It is tied to the US dollar at approximately US$1.00 = EC$2.68. US dollars are widely accepted.

Banking: Barclays Bank and the Grenada Bank of Commerce, both in Hillsborough, will exchange money and cash travellers' cheques.

Communications: International direct dial or credit card charged calls are available.
Grentel in Hillsborough has a fax service.

Temperature: The year round average is in the low to mid eighties (80-85F; 27-32C). The sea is always warm for swimming.

Seasons: The dry season usually runs from January to May. The rainy season arrives in patches throughout the other months, though prolonged rain is unusual. Hurricanes can occur in the Caribbean between June and October, but are rare in the Grenadines.

Electricity: Current is 220 volts, 50 Hz. AC transformers/adapters may be needed to fit the British type 13 amp, 3 pin sockets.

Health: Carriacou has a small hospital. A doctor is always available. Advanced medical care is available on Grenada, Barbados and Martinique.

Clothing: Light casual clothes are generally worn. It should be remembered that swimsuits or brief beachwear worn around the town may offend local people. Otherwise, there are many clothing-optional locations on secluded beaches and nearby off-shore islands. It is generally accepted that beaches not readily acceptable to local families are discreetly clothing optional.

Transport: Car rentals are available, and local transport is by mini-buses with colourful names such as "Survivalive" and "Lady in Red", which ply the main routes during day time. Taxis are readily available. Some of the Carriacou roads are an experience in themselves!


Clearance: One must stop at Hillsborough to clear in as officials do not allow boats to anchor at Tyrell Bay before clearance. This only applies to boats arriving from another country. Customs office is in the commercial harbour, immigration at the police station. In Carriacou one must also visit the Grenada port authority office, located next to customs.

Yacht Clubs:

Carriacou Yacht Club
Tyrrel Bay
Tel:(473) 443-6292, Fax:(473) 443-6292, VHF Channel 16
provides some of the other marina facilities but no docking.

Carriacou: The island's profile is marked by two high points of almost 1,000 feet, at the north and south ends of the island, with a wooded ridge running between them. Numerous small settlements stud the landscape. Red flamboyant trees and creamy white frangipani blossom among the mahoganies, acacias, sea almonds, and cacti. While it is at the sea, with its exquisite spectrum of blues, that makes Carriacou a holiday destination (the name is said to come from the Carib for "land surrounded by reefs")

Hillsborough, Carriacou's one town, has an unprepossessing Main Street: some storefronts are empty, paint is peeling on others. But take a closer look and you will see its history in the stone and shingled buildings, balconied second floors, and the beautiful, dressed-stone remains of a lime warehouse, being carefully and conscientiously salvaged in an overgrown lot.
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