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Legal Requirements for Marriage in Grenada
There is no other spot on earth that provides such a lovely setting for your wedding than lush, tropical Grenada, one of the world's true paradise islands. Its pristine white sands, gently swaying palms, and fragrant, emerald green mountains enhance the romance and the beauty of that most special of days and of the unforgettable honeymoon that follows. The island's vast array of activities and attractions, and the welcoming grace of its people, ensure that your first moments of married life will be remembered as an unbroken series of exciting and romantic pleasures.

Grenada's wide selection of hotels and inns ranges from the most exciting and glamorous to the most tranquil and intimate. Many of the island's very best establishments offer wedding and honeymoon packages that are custom-fitted to your every wish and desire. There is no need to worry about the hassles of intricate arrangements, as most wedding and honeymoon packages are designed specifically to make your experience relaxing and carefree as it should be.

Wedding Packages
Many hotels will make all of the necessary legal arrangements for you once you have arrived, and most wedding packages include all legal fees in their rate. Typical packages also include the following:

  • Transport to and from the Registrar's Office, where you submit your application for a licence to marry.
  • Decoration of your chosen location for the ceremony.
  • The bridal bouquet and the groom's buttonhole.
  • If required, witnesses to the ceremony, a best man, and a maid of honour.
  • The services of a professional photographer, including the provision of negatives and prints.
  • Your wedding cake.
  • A celebratory bottle of champagne.
  • Hors d'oeuvres for six.

Wedding filmed by us at La Source Grenada

Honeymoon Packages
As a small gesture of best wishes for your marriage, many hotels and inns on Grenada offer newlyweds a complementary room upgrade, along with a basket of the island's famed tropical fruits. To help you begin your first day of marriage, a complimentary champagne breakfast is also usually provided.

Legal Requirements for Marriage in Grenada
Visitors to the island must be resident on the island for a minimum of three (3) working days (this excludes weekends and public holidays) before applying for a licence.
Application for a Marriage Licence is then made at the Prime Minister's Office after the necessary stamp duty and licence fees have been paid. This process takes approximately two days (and slightly longer if either partner is divorced, as documents must then be sent to The Ministry of Legal Affairs).

Documents required for Marriage in Grenada are as follows:

  • Valid Passports
  • Birth Certificates
  • If one of the parties is divorced, proof of a Decree Absolute
  • Proof of Single Status: an affidavit, or a letter from a clergyman, lawyer, or Registry on official letterhead attesting to the fact that the parties involved have not been married previously.
  • If a name has been changed by Deed Poll proof is necessary
  • If either party has been widowed, a Death Certificate is needed
  • If either party is under 21 evidence of parental consent is required in the form of an affidavit
  • All papers must be in English. If the original papers are in another language, they should be translated into English and certified
  • No blood tests are required
  • Chris and I have filmed many weddings over the years throughout the Caribbean Islands filming for travel companies and hotels.
    If you are feeling particularly rich you could even employ us to film yours. Prices start from $1500 (see VideoServe weddings)

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