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Around Grenada

Carib's Leap, or Leapers Hill: Directly north of the town of Sauteurs is a steep cliff face that descends vertically into the sea for more than 100 feet. It was from the top of the cliff that Grenada's last remaining Carib Indians hurled themselves in 1651, preferring suicide to domination by the French.

Gouyave: The drive along Grenada's western coast from St. George's passes through some of the island's most picturesque areas. Along the coast a scattered small fishing villages, set at the entrance of mountain valleys that abound with papaya and breadfruit trees. Gouyave itself is the major site of Fisherman's Birthday celebrations in June.

Dougaldston Spice Estate: Located just outside of Gouyave, this historic estate is still the primary producer of the island's spices and the place where they are first processed after harvest. Tours provide a fascinating glimpse of the traditional preparation of spices as well as offering visitors a chance to sample many of the spices and products in their fresh, unprocessed form.

Grenville: Grenville, situated about halfway up Grenada's windward eastern shore, is the island's second largest city. Grenville is also home to Grenada's largest nutmeg processing factory, which offers visitors extensive tours of the entire process of nutmeg preparation. Grenville's colourful Saturday market is also worth a visit, as local farmers, fishermen, and merchants gather to sell all sorts of fresh produce, as well as local handicrafts.

Lake Antoine National Landmark: About six miles north of Grenville lies Lake Antoine, .

La Sagesse Nature Centre: This recently established nature centre holds a wide variety of different attractions, from the prolific birdlife of its salt pond and mangrove estuary to the peaceful isolation of its three fine beaches.
La Sagesse also maintains a small guesthouse and restaurant.

Levera National Park: The coastal area of this popular park is one of the most dramatically beautiful areas on Grenada, including a superb beach. Levera's marine areas are equally esteemed, with outstanding coral reefs and sea grass beds that shelter lobsters and beautiful reef fishes.

Mt. Carmel Waterfall: This is the highest of the island's several lovely waterfalls. It actually consists of two different falls, which together tumble over 70 feet to the crystal clear waters below.
Mt. Rich Amerindian Remains: The petroglyphs at this site are unmatched for their detailed depiction of the daily life of Grenada's earliest inhabitants. Numerous artefacts have been recovered from the site, indicating its extended use as an early settlement.

River Sallee Boiling Springs: These well-known springs are located in the island's northeast, about one and a half miles north of Lake Antoine. The springs are noted not only for their unique geology, but as a natural wishing well.

River Antoine Rum Distillery

No other distillery in the entire Caribbean has been in operation as long as River Antoine, and very few have so carefully maintained traditional methods of rum preparation. Although the distillery is privately owned, it does permit guided tours. Visitors can watch as rum is made in much the same manner that it was in the 18th century, when it fired the throats of the real buccaneers.      NEXT Sightseeing

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